Over the course of more than 40 years and counting, we have been ading layers after layers of finesse and facilities into our repertoire, grating us an integrated know-how and an extensive production capability.

Our humble beginning dated back to 1977 in Mororejo Village, Central Java, here we started the business with a 4-line factory producing general plywood. While our physicacl post remains until today, major mileposts were made when we ventured into sawmill, weather-resistant garden products value-added plywood, engineered flooring, and value-added engineered wood products among other innovative products.

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With each passing decade we also have gone through a series of expansions and optimizations equipment-wise; having peaked at 18 lines we dialed back into a highly-efficent 10-line machinery with state-of-the-art secondary process and nishing line. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce all kinds of wood products imaginable to fulfil needs from all across the globe: from plywood, sawmill, flooring, to building materials.

Change is inevitable. Amidst global competition and the rise of substitute products, evolution needs to happen in the wood industry. We have positioned ourselves at the forefront by putting every batch through meticulous quality control every step of the way; from drying, assembly, texture coating, to coloring. On top of that, or robuts R&D team constantly work toward breakthroughs in specialized and value-added products.

For our customers’ peace of mind, we are willing take the extra mile by pursuing all legaliy, traceability, and quality certifications required by virtually any country across all 6 continents. We also strive to maintain maximum yield and zero waste with the aim of superior value for money as well as nature converstaion. Furthermore, we uphold our commitment toward the sustainable empowerment of our people and the community through continuous enrichment and community service.