As we wor in an industry that is extremely dependent on natural resources, we pay special attention to the natural conservation. It has been the underlying value of our daily operations and strategic actions for decades.

As global awareness toward illegal logging and wood trade rises, legality and traceability are becoming more and more integral to international wood trade regulations. In light of the fact, we go to great lengths to guarantee the verification and certification of our sources. By fulfiling our due diligence, we bring peace of mind to the table.

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We also act and plan with the help of research institutions and academia in managing a plant nursery where genetically superior seeds are grown in order to replenish our wood suply. Meanwhile, in the depths of forests, planting lots are determined well in advance using satellite technology along with the time and quantity of harvest, ensuring the availability of resources for years to come.

At KLI, not one single of raw material goest to waste. We believe in zero waste, which means that every single part is either processed into products, recycled and reassembled into other products, or utilized in the production of supporting material such as adhesives. Achieved through our wide range of facilities and a partnering recycle company, maximum yield has beed a significant part or our commitment toward nature sustainability and our ability to offer products with superior value for money.