In an industry such as ours, quality standars vary greatly from country to country and constantly evolve from time to time. Nevertheless, we are willing to go through great lengths to keep raising the bar within the industry and placing our products a step ahead of the competition. As a result, we have built a reputation of superiority for our brands, for which end-users asks specifically time after time.

For 40 solid years, we have been persistenyly improving our quality management standards to meet the newest requirements of ISO 9001 in all our production facilities: sawmill, veneer and plywood plant, solid and engineering flooring plant, molding process plant, paper/polyester overlay unit, and glue plant.

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Our glue plant has an additional advantage of being the first in Indonesia with ULEF (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) certification which exceeds the US-wide benchmark regulated by California Air Resources Board. Self-ownership and self-management allow us to keep a close watch on emission levels and resolve shelf life issues specific to adhesives in order to meet all the necessary requirements for bonding, emission, and durability. Through lab tests and quality controls are done consistently to ensure the safety of our workforce, our customers, and the end-users.

We stand behind our products with utmost conviction. The fact that a major portion of our products has our embedded signature speaks volumes about our confidence regarding quality.

Excellence also carries through after sales service along with every purchase. Company representatives at our offices and partners all across the globe are always ready to answer any questions, provide expert advises, handle problems that may arise, and make regular visits to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.