Kayu Lapis Indonesia

About Us

Award given to Kayu Lapis Indonesia for participating in presidential one billion trees planting program


Kayu Lapis Indonesia is a reputable organization with over four decades of experience in Timber Industry. Kayu Lapis Indonesia maintains sustainable growth within its upstream and downstream platforms by harnessing the synergy of our core professional competences as we produce eco-friendly products for local and international markets. In every step of its operations, Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to preserving the environment and empowering the people.


Excelling in sustainable growth through quality raw material processing into eco-friendly wood products from professionally managed sustainable forest.

Quality Policy

Make and send the product at accompanying the customer's desire through improvement of the capabilities of the company continuously


  • Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to Excellence
  • Kayu Lapis Indonesia is a company with business Integrity
  • Kayu Lapis Indonesia follows Sustainability Principles.


Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to aiming every aspect of its business at producing high-quality wood-based products to meet the local and global demands of customers. Kayu Lapis Indonesia is also committed to take all necessary steps to prevent hazardous events from developing that could adversely affect public welfare and the environment. Furthermore, Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to ensure wood material coming from forest concessions that manage on a sustained yield basis for a continuous supply of log raw materials for its wood processing industries.