We are delighted with KLI’s Industry first approach to meeting all sustainability, legality and environmental responsibilities in becoming first in ULEF, conforming Lacey act compliance. Argo values the stewardship towards the local Indonesian resources, demonstrated in programs as FSC, IWPA, and SVLK.Robert MacMaster - Argo Fine Imports
Kayu Lapis Indonesia's integrated timber industry is dedicated to producing quality products. Upon arrival, logs are distributed between its factories to undergo various process and multiple stages of quality control.

Glue is an important component for the plywood manufacturing process; in order to improve plywood quality and produce low emission products, Kayu Lapis Indonesia has built its own glue plant adjacent to their manufacturing factories.

To deliver raw materials from upstream operations and transport the end products to various destinations, Kayu Lapis Indonesia is supported by its own shipping line.

The quality management system of the Plywood manufacturing plant is certified for the ISO 9001:2008 Kayu Lapis Indonesia products are certified in accordance with internationally accepted standards of environmentally friendly products.