Products Of Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Products Of Kayu Lapis Indonesia

KLI (Kayu Lapis Indonesia) manufactures plywood and processed wood products in the form of wood flooring and garden furniture. KLI is focused on producing value-added premium goods instead of aiming for mass market. Products are sold with the support of excellent aftersales service. The majority of KLI products are sold in international markets, mainly USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and South East Asia. KLI produces high grade environmentally- friendly products to meet the requirements of each market. KLI (Kayu Lapis Indonesia) is currently the only Indonesian mill that has obtained the ULEF (ultra low emission for formaldehyde) rating with third-party certifications.


Plywood is a versatile commodity that is perpetually in high demand. KLI’s environmentally friendly plywood comes from responsibly sourced timbers. Aside from offering a wide-range of green, certified and high quality plywood, KLI also manufacture plywood for special purposes such as Container Flooring, Truck Flooring, Marine Plywood, Jumbo Sized Plywood and Structured Panels.

Wood Flooring

KLI manufactures expertly crafted both Solid and Engineered Hardwood Flooring using the finest imported and domestic exotic species and finished with German technology coatings to ensure the high quality finish that exposes the natural beauty of the wood itself. Our multiple construction minimizes expansion and contraction from head and seasonal changes thus making it a more stable and superior product.
The flooring products comes in an array of choices, ranging from classic design to the latest trend in wood floor design.

Garden Product

KLI manufactures a wide selection of Garden Products from special hardwood originating from its own integrated sustainable forest. The range of garden products includes tables, chairs, fences, decking, tiles, shiplaps, and truck flooring. KLI is capable of producing large capacities of garden products due to its team of experienced workers, operating high precision European machineries.