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Kayu Lapis Indonesia has long been a participant and supporter of the development of Indonesia’s economic growth and Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to maintaining active participation. And as the company continues to perform under well-certified and responsible management, Kayu Lapis Indonesia shall continue to contribute to the prosperity of our nation and provide benefits for generations to come. Kayu Lapis Indonesia commited to maintain sustainability of 4 aspects :

  • Environment
  • Communities Around Us
  • Human Capital
  • Product & Productivities


Kayu Lapis Indonesia has been able to maintain its business existence of over four decades by having a strong commitment to conducting sustainable and innovative forest management over its concession forests.

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Our Communities

Kayu Lapis Indonesia recognizes the communities inhabiting the surrounding areas of forest management units and wood processing units as stakeholders. The welfare of the communities around our activity areas must be maintained and nurtured, for Kayu Lapis Indonesia believes that mutual growth is the key to sustainability.

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Human Capital

Kayu Lapis Indonesia believes that the wellness of body, mind and spirit of its employees to be essential in promoting teamwork and harmonious personnel relations.

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Product & Productivities

Kayu Lapis Indonesia constantly adapts its productions and operations in order to survive through various challenges over time.
Kayu Lapis Indonesia conducts market researches to keep up with the developing demands of our target market.

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The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) has a long standing relationship with the KLI Group on issues of sustainable forest management and training, legality and chain-of-custody, and, in the achievement of independent and internationally recognized certification under the Forest Stewardship Council. TFF considers KLI to be one of the outstanding corporate examples of responsible forest stewardship in Indonesia. KLI’s achievements in sustainable forest management, social responsibility, and the protection of ecological values, sets a high standard in the Indonesian forestry sectorArt Klassen, Regional Director - Tropical Forest Foundation-Indonesia