We are delighted with KLI’s Industry first approach to meeting all sustainability, legality and environmental responsibilities in becoming first in ULEF, conforming Lacey act compliance. Argo values the stewardship towards the local Indonesian resources, demonstrated in programs as FSC, IWPA, and SVLK.Robert MacMaster - Argo Fine Imports
Kayu Lapis Indonesia working closely with forest concessions as a steady source of high quality raw materials for its industries under the Sustainable Production Forest Management Principles, which aim to optimize the production, ecological, and social aspects in a perpetual cycle of growth for the output and productivity of each forest. Certificates for numerous mandatory and voluntary Timber Legality and Sustainable Forest Management are required as a standard for wood supply to Kayu Lapis Indonesia. Forest concession certifications:

  • PHPL( Sustainability forest management standard)
  • SVLK(Legality system tracking)
  • FSC( Forest Stewardship Council- sustainable forest management)
  • RIL(Reduce Impact Logging).

Kayu Lapis Indonesia encourage and support forest concessions to increase productivity through various efforts such as forest stand maintenance, application of Intensive Silviculture (SILIN) by planting high quality trees, and rehabilitation of non-productive areas into plantations of high quality fast growing species.