What They Say About KLI

  • Robert MacMaster - Argo Fine Imports
    Argo Fine Imports has been proud in partnership with Kayu Lapis Indonesia for over 30 years. With the large diversity of product offerings Kayu Lapis Indonesia has it gives our sales team the resources to supply a global clientele with client specific criteria’s. Kayu Lapis Indonesia has endeavored to maintain excellence in all products and responsive to customer’s needs and we look forward for our relationship continuing to grow.
  • Art Klassen - Regional Director Tropical Forest Foundation-Indonesia
    The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) has a long standing relationship with the Kayu Lapis Indonesia on issues of sustainable forest management and training, legality and chain-of-custody, and, in the achievement of independent and internationally recognized certification under the Forest Stewardship Council. TFF considers Kayu Lapis Indonesia to be one of the outstanding corporate examples of responsible forest stewardship in Indonesia. Kayu Lapis Indonesia's achievements in sustainable forest management, social responsibility, and the protection of ecological values, sets a high standard in the Indonesian forestry sector.
  • Robert MacMaster - Argo Fine Imports
    We are delighted with Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s Industry first approach to meeting all sustainability, legality and environmental responsibilities in becoming first in ULEF, conforming Lacey act compliance. Argo values the stewardship towards the local Indonesian resources, demonstrated in programs as FSC, IWPA, and SVLK.
  • Ray Boettcher - Gunnersen
    Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s attention to producing quality products, with prompt service whilst maintaining a strong environmental commitment, are shared values embraced by both Gunnersen and indeed the markets Gunnersen service.
  • Peter Derckx - Felix Clercx
    Our markets in Europe appreciate Kayu Lapis Indonesia for being at the forefront of sustainable forest management in Indonesia.
  • Dr. H. Zulkifli Hasan, SE, MM - Indonesian Forestry Minister (United Indonesia Cabinet II 2009-2014)
    Kayu Lapis Indonesia is progressive, creative and innovative, a model for labor intensive industry and sustainable forest management.
  • Peter Derckx - Felix Clercx
    Felix Clercx have been doing business with Kayu Lapis Indonesia for over 10 years and we believe that Kayu Lapis Indonesia is a strong and innovative partner with skills and professionalism in woodworking. Our partnership with Kayu Lapis Indonesia in the long term will allow us to find new ways to serve the markets even better, and to us, that’s the way to another 10 years of successful business.forest management in Indonesia.
  • Osamu Hashimoto - Forestry Agency of Japan
    Impressive good forest management. Thanks you
  • B. Listya
    Thank you for successfully managed Natural Production Forest with sustainable practices, keep up the good work for nation
  • Maidinard - Atase Kehutanan KBRI Tokyo
    This management need to be promoted in a way that public will understand we have done good practices