3 Types of Kayu Lapis Indonesia Plywood

3 Types of Kayu Lapis Indonesia Plywood

January 18, 2023

PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) is the largest wood processing company in Indonesia with environmentally friendly technology. Engaged in the forestry sector, PT KLI is headquartered in Kendal Regency, Central Java Province. One of the superior products of PT KLI is Plywood. Plywood itself is processed wood in the form of a board which is composed of layers of glued wood. 


3 Types of Kayu Lapis Indonesia Plywood

Marine Plywood

In order to meet the needs of the marine industry, PT. KLI offers Marine Plywood which has water-resistant properties. Through the combination of selected quality wood and strong adhesives, Marine Plywood has a very strong durability. You can use Marine Plywood from PT. KLI for buildings that are more water resistant and wood does not rot easily.


Construction Plywood

The next type is Construction Plywood. This layer of wood, is produced with the aim to meet industrial needs that require structural strength and durability. Therefore, Construction Plywood is very suitable as a material for floors, walls and even roofs of buildings. The Construction Plywood design is prepared to provide an aesthetic appearance with a wood pattern, but remains strong as a support for the building.


Flexi Plywood

The flexibility of Flexi Plywood is the main advantage of this one PT KLI product. Flexi Plywood is designed in such a way that it is flexible and can be bent in any direction for decorative purposes. Flexi Plywood is perfect for those of you who have a building design dominated by curved architectural forms.


Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Those are the three types of plywood available at Kayu Lapis Indonesia. You don’t need to worry, because PT. KLI also provides other types of plywood. This is because PT. KLI has many years of experience as a quality plywood manufacturer. We make sure that you get our best products every time.