The Advantages of Marine Plywood

The Advantages of Marine Plywood

September 19, 2022

You may have heard of marine plywood. It is a type of plywood known for its durability in comparison to other types of plywood.

This article will dig deep to understand more about this type of plywood: what is it, what are its advantages, and what is it good for?

What is a Marine Plywood?

Marine plywood is a type of high-quality plywood specialized for a high-moisture environment. It can hold against rain, snow, and other kinds of moisture-inducing elements.

This type of plywood are used in outdoor structures, such as boats, docks, and others.

This type of plywood gains water resistance from its creation process. It gains resistance against moisture not by a chemical process. Instead, marine plywood is composed of thin layers bonded with waterproof glue. 

This process also increases its strength, as the layers are cross-laminated and bonded under high pressure and heat.

The process needed to create that type makes it an expensive commodity. However, if you are looking for quality and longevity for outdoor use, there is no better plywood than marine plywood


What are the Advantages of a Marine Plywood?

As stated before, this type of plywood has unique strengths. Here we summarize each of them.

1. Waterproof

As the name suggests, this type of plywood is treated to last against various kinds of moisture and its related effects. Its waterproof property ensures strength and longevity in outdoor areas.

2. Strong

Not only waterproof, but that type of plywood is also solid and durable. Cross-laminated plywoods, such as marine plywood, are known for their strength compared to plywoods without cross-lamination.


How can a Marine Plywood Be Used Optimally?

With high quality, making this type of plywood is one of the most expensive plywood types available on the market.

Therefore, its be used for specific needs, or its price can weigh you down for nothing.

Here are some things that can be built using this one plywood.

1. Boats

This should come as no surprise since boats are to be used on water. Through its durability and water resistance, that type of plywood can support the boats’ structure and protect them from leaking

2. Docks

Unsurprisingly, docks also use this type often. This type of plywood is a cheaper alternative to waterproof timber. It offers similar protection against water at a lower price and easier maintenance.

3. Kitchens

When we think about moisture, we often think about rain, snow, and dew; the elements that we usually find outside the house. We often forget that there are spots inside our house that encounters moisture daily. One of them is the kitchen.

This plywood protects the kitchen from moisture coming from cooking and cleaning. For example, this plywood can be used on kitchen counters to protect them against moisture from steam. Kitchen floors can be laminated using this type of plywood to make them resist water from sinks or other water sources.

All in all, that plywood can ensure your kitchen’s longevity.

4. Bathrooms

We should not forget the bathroom as a spot in our house full of moisture. Your bathroom’s floor, walls, and even ceiling can be covered in marine plywood for optimal defense against water.