Advantages of Building Using Wood Material

Advantages of Building Using Wood Material

November 18, 2021

Materials for constructing a building varies, and although each material has its own advantages, wood material is renowned for some unique advantages which you may not discover in other materials. What are they? We have composed some of the advantages for you below.

1. Wood is a Natural Material

In recent times, ‘natural’ is a very important point to highlight. Since wood is a natural material, a wood-based building emits less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may harm the occupants. Less VOCs is very good, especially for a building that is occupied daily, such as offices and houses. It makes people more relaxed and happier.

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Another advantage of wood as a natural material is that it grows naturally. While it needs good intention from the wood procurers to replant trees, the process of regrowing trees is good for nature and leaves less carbon footprint compared to steel, aluminum, or concrete.

As a natural material, buildings made from wood are also biodegradable. The disposal of a wooden building is also advantageous because it makes the soil that it degrades on become healthy and full of carbon. With this advantage in regard, however, builders need to be more aware and selective because certain wood may rot quickly without proper treatment. 

2. Less Energy during Production

Compared to steel and concrete, wood material needs lower energy to procure. The pollutants it produces during procurement is very low. Therefore, the creation of wood material is generally more “green” than other structural materials.

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3. Consumes Less Energy

Wood material also possesses a high insulation rating, which means it requires less energy to maintain heating and cooling. That is why buildings created using wood material can retain heat and cold more efficiently. A good insulator also means less energy to maintain the temperature, and it can even help regulate humidity in a building. To put it simply, buildings created using wood material are energy-efficient buildings.

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4. Makes a Healthier Building

Wood emits less VOCs, as explained previously. Less VOCs means better air quality. The air quality of a wood-based building is also better because it retains some humidity. Some reports have explained that a wooden building has many benefits for the health of its occupants, including, but not limited to:

  • Better mood and less stress

  • Feeling of calm and relax

  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure

5. Visually Pleasing

Wood material comes in multiple designs and variations. There are many options for dark and light colored wood with beautiful patterns. With such a plethora of choice, builders or home owners can choose their aesthetic choice to their liking. Renowned as beautiful materials, buildings with wood material will serve as a feast for the tired eyes.

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Choosing the best wood material for your construction may be challenging. Some procurers may offer inferior products with high prices. Here, we at Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) offer architects and contractors the best wood material with all the certifications required to prove that our operation is legal and respectable. We are also acting to preserve nature by replenishing trees that we harvest regularly. Feel free to contact us on Instagram for more information and collaboration.

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