All You Need to Know about Finger Joint Laminated (FJL) Board

All You Need to Know about Finger Joint Laminated (FJL) Board

December 9, 2021

Finger joint laminated board is a type of longboard made from combining multiple small wood planks. The small planks are glued together with special kind of glues, then laminated to create one solid board.

Finger Joint Laminated (FJL) products are made from smaller solid pieces of wood, finger jointed and compressed together to produce to the standard length. 

Finger joint laminated board is known for its strong material and bending durability. Due to it being created from multiple wood, it is especially good for furniture, doors, flooring, and for decorative purposes.

There are some advantages in using finger joint laminated boards that may not be encountered when using another kind of board.

Advantages of Finger Joint Laminated Board

First, it is good for decoration. Finger joint laminated board is naturally beautiful because of its natural texture showing. 

Finger joint laminated boards can be custom-made. You can request the length and width of the board to the manufacturer to get the size you desire. 

The board also has strong and durable material. Finger joint laminated board is especially less prone to bending or twisting due to its structure.

How to Maintain Finger Joint Laminated Board

Naturally, as an organic substance, finger joint laminated boards may have some weaknesses. 

Water is the main weakness of finger joint laminated boards. The board is not water-resistant. Keep your board away from water to keep its quality. 

Finger joint laminated board needs to be refinished after a short period of time. The board is different from solid wood boards, which only have to be refinished after quite a long time.

After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of finger joint laminated boards, are you interested in buying one? KLI has high-quality wood products of which you can choose. Don’t worry, our operation is based on a sustainable model to preserve the forest for us all.

Our FJL products use mixed shorea with a similar density range for each panel to avoid delamination between joints and wood lamination. 

  • Better construction strength

  • More stable than solid wood

  • Very suitable for furniture and interior design

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