All You Need to Know about FSC®️ and SVLK

All You Need to Know about FSC®️ and SVLK

December 9, 2021

Purchasing wood requires a lot of thoughts and considerations. Legality and Sustainability certificate will ensure that the wood you buy and use does not come from forests that may undergo deforestation which is harmful for the planet that we live in.


Illegal logging is dangerous for our forest. There are companies doing illegal logging to maximize their profit without being responsible to nature. To counter these illegal operations, certifications such as SVLK and FSC®️ were created.


SVLK and FSC®️ are certification systems for timber companies. Certification is important because it is a proof of credibility for a timber company. A certificate proves that a company’s operation is legal and following the regulations.

To further understand the issue, we have summarized the information on SVLK and FSC®️ below.



Sistem Verifikasi Legal Kayu (SVLK) or Timber Legality Assurance Standard (TLAS) is the Indonesian government’s timber certification. Its main purpose is to promote good forest management and push away illegal logging. 

SVLK certificate is proof that a timber company’s operation is legal. SVLK certificate is a requirement to sell timber in Indonesia.

Having an SVLK certificate is beneficial to timber companies. One use of the certificate is its proof of legality, both in Indonesia and other countries. 

Most countries only want to do business with a timber company if they are legal. Markets will be opened for those with SVLK certificates.

Another benefit of having an SVLK certificate is that the company will be known as being sustainable in their forest management. Customers will likely buy from more sustainable sources.


Forest Stewardship Council®️ is a group that certifies forests and logging operations. FSC®️ standards in each country are adjusted according to the local context. Created in 1994 in Mexico, FSC®️ has issued more than 1000 certificates to forests and their related parties around the world.


FSC®️ has two types of certification:

Forest Management Certification

Certificate given to parties that have successfully managed its forest sustainably. It proves that a timber company’s operation is responsible for its forest management. Furthermore, it proves that the operation is based on the principle of sustainability.

The certificate is renewed in five years, according to the evaluation result. If the timber company proves to keep its sustainable operation, the certificate will be renewed.


Chain of Custody Certification

Certificate given to parties that used FSC®️ timbers in their production chain. During the production process, the wood product must not be mixed with uncertified products.

FSC®️ will make sure that the FSC®️ wood product is created from FSC®️ certified forest and its standards.


Certification is important to ensure quality products. As such, Kayu lapis Indonesia (KLI) has achieved both SVLK and FSC®️ certification. It is proof that KLI tries their best to provide the best product for customers.