All You Need to Know about Plywood

All You Need to Know about Plywood

December 14, 2021

Plywood is an essential component for wood products nowadays. Furniture production today tends to use plywood due to its many advantages compared to solid wood. Before moving to further discussions, it is imperative to know what plywood is.


What is plywood?

A plywood is an engineered wood made of wood sheets, also known as veneer. Multiple wood sheets are stacked together and then glued using resin or special glue, thus creating thick, strong, and flexible wood boards.

Plywood is cheaper than solid wood, but still very durable for multiple uses. Plywood can be used to create many wood products, including wardrobes, walls, tables, etc.


Understanding grades of plywood

Plywood comes with grades, specifically grade A to D. Grade A plywood has the best quality, while D represents the lowest of quality. There is also the additional X grade, which means that the plywood can be used for external use. Grade X plywood is qualified for exposure to weather.


A plywood often has two grades. For example, if a plywood has grade AB, it means that the front side is grade A and the back side is B grade. If the plywood can be used outside, grade X will be added to it, thus ABX.

These are the meanings of the grades.

Grade A: Very clean, no flaws. The most expensive plywood. Very easy to paint because of the smooth surface.

Grade B: Almost perfect with minor flaws. Can be sanded to make it better.

Grade C: Have some noticeable knots.

Grade D: The cheapest plywood available. Has many knots and other flaws.


Common Types of Plywood

1. Softwood

Softwood plywood is created from trees that are considered softwood. Those trees include pine and cedar. This type of plywood is used for furniture, sheds, floors, and other products.

2. Hardwood

Hardwood plywood, as the name suggests, is created from hardwood trees, such as oak, maple, and walnut. This plywood can be used as an ideal material to create furniture, musical and sporting products, etc.

3. Structural plywood

Structural plywood may not have the looks, but it has the strength to back it up. This plywood is reliable for creating strong structures. That being said, structural plywood strength is not backed up by its weather resistance. Structural plywood is also cheap due to its appearance, so you can buy this plywood if you need an affordable option for your construction project.

4. Marine plywood

Marine plywood is the best type of plywood you can get. It is strong and covered with water-resistant glue for outside uses. This is also an expensive item, so make sure your product is worth the money.

Those are all you need to know about plywood. Kayu Lapis Indonesia is the home of high quality plywood. If you are interested, check out Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s website for the plywoods you need. Here are some of the advantages of our plywood:

– High Durability

– Eco-Friendliness

– Health and Safety

– Various Uses

Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s Plywood include, but not limited to:

1. Marine Plywood (Exterior, Lem Phenolic, Meranti/Keruing. FSC®️ 100%, Applications: Marine and boat industries, docks, all waterproof applications.

2. High Performance Plywood (Exterior, Lem Phenolic, Meranti/Keruing, FSC®️ 100%, Applications: Docks, water-resistant furniture, housing industries.

3. General Plywood: (Interior), Urea/Phenolic, Meranti/Hardwood, FSC®️ 100%, Applications: Laminating for caravans, motorhomes, recreational vehicles, furniture, general joinery.

4. Lightweight Plywood: (Interior), Urea/Phenolic, Meranti & Falcata, FSC®️ 100%, Anti insect, fire retardant, Application: Veneering, laminating, furniture, laser cutting etc.

5. Construction Plywood: (Exterior) Phenolic, Meranti/Keruing, FSC®️ 100%, Application: Housing and building industries, bridges.

6. Floor Plywood: (Exterior) Phenolic, Meranti/Keruing, FSC®️ 100%, Anti-insect, Application: Components of transportation industry such as container flooring, bus/truck flooring.

7. Decorative Plywood: (Interior), Urea/Phenolic, Meranti/Keruing, FSC®️ 100%, Application: Wall panelling in bathrooms, vanity, kitchen dll.

8. Flexi Plywood: (Exterior & Interior), Urea/Phenolic, Meranti, FSC®️ 100%, Application: Furniture, ceiling decorations etc.