Characteristic of High Quality Wood

Characteristic of High Quality Wood

December 9, 2021

Wood products have many advantages, especially if they are made from high quality wood. But, how to know that a wood product uses high quality wood? Identifying the quality of a wood product is somewhat complex. Here we share some of the characteristics of a high quality wood in wood products.


Wood comes in shapes and sizes. Different types of wood may offer you different advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood is deemed as the best wood category. As the name suggests, it is a type of wood directly cut from a tree. As the core is solid, it is very strong. 

Solid wood constructs can be refinished multiple times, therefore increasing its durability.

Moreover, solid wood constructs can resist warping and cracking better than other types of wood.

The bottom tier of wood type is particle board. Particle boards are created from pressed wood chips or particles. 

Due to its materials, it is very weak to weather and water. Its strength is good, although its durability is not comparable to solid wood.


High quality wood has a straight, sturdy constitution. The best wood is strong and unbent.

Identifying high quality wood for your construction or furniture is important. Wood products with high quality wood will last longer and stand sturdier.


The Internet is a blessing. New things are discovered daily. Through the Internet, you can determine which wood is high quality by doing some research on wood manufacturers.

Manufacturer’s profile, which you can find on the Internet, is a sign of their quality. A manufacturer’s reputation can show you how satisfying their products are. Years of experience in the business can give you information about how the company thrives.

Check your manufacturer of choice to help you determine whether your wood is a high quality wood.


Although the quality of a wood first depends on the inner composition of the wood, outer appearance also matters. 

High quality wood should have a good finish, since finishing not only beautifies the wood but also increases its durability towards the elements. You can see smooth surfaces, even tones, and strong colors in wood with a good finish.


  • Anti-Termite

High quality wood is not susceptible to termites, which means it can last for years.

  • Antifungal

It’s not easily overgrown by fungi which tend to grow due to excessive humidity.

  • Fire-retardant

Fire-retardant wood gives people longer time to save themselves when a fire breaks out.

  • Waterproof

Waterproof wood will not rot easily. 

Those are the ways to identify high quality wood. Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s woods are from the highest quality tree, have a strong constitution and excellent finish. Those qualities make Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s product your choice. Do you know that our wood products have these four advantages? Yes, they do! And you can use them to build your dream project. Contact us now