Choosing A Good Plywood

Choosing A Good Plywood

March 14, 2022

Plywood is a cheaper alternative to solid wood. You can use plywood for a variety of uses, such as for flooring, ceiling, walls, etc.

Plywood comes in various qualities in the market. Here we recommend some tips to choose quality plywoods for your convenience.

1. Buy plywoods with certification

Certification for plywoods proves that a plywood’s manufacturer is reliable, and so its products.

Remember to buy plywoods from certified manufacturers since it is almost guaranteed that the plywoods will function better and last longer.

2. Check the grades of the plywoods

Plywoods come in grades, from A to D. A-grade is the highest grade, and D-grade is the lowest.

The grades are determined by the physical and visual qualities of the plywood. The higher the grade, the better the quality and the higher the price.

A-grade plywoods are very smooth and without visual flaws such as knots or chips. It is very easy to paint. 

B-grade plywoods have minor flaws, but can be corrected by sanding.

C-grade plywoods have some noticeable knots, and D-grade plywoods have the most flaws compared to the other grades.

3. Check the physical properties of the plywoods

The quality of plywoods can be seen by its physical properties. 

A good plywood is dense and solid, not hollow. You can tap the and hear the sound of it to determine whether it is hollow.

The layers of plywoods should align in a straight line. If there are gaps seen from outside, it may mean that the plywood is not at its best quality.

4. Buy the right plywoods for the right uses

Some plywoods are created better than the others for different circumstances.

For example, interior plywoods are better to make a durable flooring inside a building, while exterior plywoods are better to cope with weather conditions outside a building.

There are plywoods created to resist moisture, such as marine plywoods. There are also highly durable plywood like structural plywoods, suitable for high-traffic areas such as hallways.

Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) has years of experience producing quality plywoods. We ensure that you have the best experience using our products.