Choosing the Right Decorative Wood Panel

Choosing the Right Decorative Wood Panel

December 9, 2021

Looking for a new vibe for your home? Try a decorative wood panel. With decorative wood panels, adding a new style to your home is made possible.

Decorative wood panel is a kind of decoration placed on the wall. Panels of wood are attached to the wall to both decorate and protect it. Decorative wood panels add to style and comfort in a room.

Wall paneling is originally for practical use, not as a decoration. People of the past use planks of wood to cover the inside of their house to increase insulation and cover bad wall patches.

Decorative wood panels come in multiple designs. There are simple designs like a plain, unicolor board and batten panel to the more intricate design like an antique, carved oak wood panel. Depending on the panel of your choice, your home could look modern, vintage, or artsy.

Using decorative wood panels can make a room seem either bigger or smaller. It depends on the level of natural daylight, the panel’s height, color, and original wall’s and ceiling’s tone.

For the panel to wall ratio, try 1:3 ratio (1 part wood panel, 3 part wall) to make your room seem more spacious, while 1:1 ratio will make it seem smaller. Of course you can attach a full decorative wood panel to your wall to change the room’s tone.

Many decorative wood panels are customizable. With some effort and creativity, you can turn a plain wall into an ornamental beauty befitting your character.

The most important thing when choosing a decorative wood panel is to know your purpose.

In which room would you put the wall panel? What tone do you want to achieve in the room? Different decorative wall panel designs offer different tones and feelings.

Minimalist rooms can use simple, flat panels with plain, soft color to enhance the vibe of the room.

To add atmosphere to a room, barn board can be a good pick. Barn board, also known as salvaged board, adds age to a room without actually reducing its lifespan.

Bathrooms benefit the most from tiled wall panels. Tiled wall panels are created to look like expensive tiles. Using this on your bathroom will make it look expensive with minimal budget.

How about you? Have you found your decorative wood panel of choice? Kayu Lapis Indonesia produces great quality wood to create a multitude of quality wood products, such as decorative wood panels and others.

Created with utmost craftsmanship and style, our decorative wood panels come with 15 variant collections that are perfect for home decor. All colors and finishing can retain the unique characteristics of wood, adding genuine charm and understated appeal to every space. It’s also easy to install since it comes with precise, step-by-step terms and guidelines for installation. 

Produces light-dark color gradients with pixelated nuances that are very pleasing to the eye.

Gives a classic touch to a house dominated by modern furniture.

Tips on Choosing Decorative Wood Panel

  • Pay attention to the characteristics of wood, especially its texture and color.

  • The installation technique chosen also plays a role in optimizing the characteristics of the wood.

In the end, should you find your house walls looking too plain, try covering it with our decorative wall panels.

The textures and colors of our decorative wall panels are alluring, and they will provide a natural tone that can liven up the atmosphere of your house. In addition, our wood materials are also manufactured in compliance with legal, environmental, safety, and health requirements. 

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