Comparing Wood vs Other Materials

Comparing Wood vs Other Materials

December 9, 2021

Wood has been an essential building material for thousands of years. From England villages to American settlers, many civilizations use wood as main construction material. 

Even in the modern times, wood plays a crucial role in architecture. Not only beautiful, wood also has many advantages over other building materials. These are some of the comparisons between wood and other building materials.

1. High strength

Wood is a relatively light material compared to other building materials. However, its constitution is strong. It can support its own weight even better than steel. 

Wood is hard to bend and break. It is an ideal material if you want to build a house, an office, or even a storage building.

2. High insulation rate

Wood provides natural resistance to heat and electricity. Electrical and heat resistance provides safety to the building owner.

Its high insulation rating (better than plastic and steel) also ensures energy efficiency. It means that less energy is needed to heat and cool a wood structure.

3, Soundproof

Due to its structure, wood has the property of soundproofing. Wood absorbs sound, rather than reflects it. This can be ideal for those who want a quiet, relaxing home.

4. Stress relief

Some researchers found that natural elements in a man made structure can alleviate stress. Wood, as a natural material, is proven to reduce stress in people.

Wood is ideal as a house material because it lessens the stress rate of people living in it. Wood is also cited as a preferable building material of hospitals because of its stress-reducing nature.

5. Renewable and Sustainable

In terms of environmental impact, wood takes the number one spot. It is a biodegradable material, its remains can be recycled or returned to nature.

Wood emits less pollution in its production, not to mention its cheap price compared to other building materials such as brick, concrete, or steel.

Wood is renewable through natural process and replanting. Different from other building materials, wood is the only renewable material, thus ensuring its availability.

Wood offers many advantages that other building materials may not have. As one of the wood suppliers in Indonesia, Kayu Lapis Indonesia offers the best quality wood possible for your needs.