Feel Good at Home with Biophilic Design

Feel Good at Home with Biophilic Design

April 19, 2022

Biophilic design is the hot trend for 2022. The use of wood, plants, and natural elements has become more prevalent in today’s architecture. This short read will elaborate on that design and why it is essential to apply it to your home.


The Definition of Biophilic Design

The desire to return to Mother Nature is inherent in any human being. Biophilic design is an architectural and interior design catered to such needs. Biophilia translates to “love of life,” meaning that we, as humans, desire to be closer to nature. 

Constructions made by humans are the opposite of nature. Unlike nature, which is lush and vivid, human construction is gray, dull, and blocky. This type of construction and design can translate to stress and exhaustion, especially in places where people usually work and reside, such as homes and workplaces.

The design doesn’t always rely on truly natural elements and materials such as woods, rocks, greeneries, and running water. Using materials and colors resembling those materials also evokes a natural feeling.


Advantages of Biophilic Design

Biophilic became the trend design for 2022 and is not for nothing. Aside from the aesthetic pleasure, Here are some of the advantages of applying this design to your home:


1. Biophilic elements help humidify the air

Decorating your house with plants affects it not only aesthetically but also practically. Plants use carbon dioxide to create oxygen. This process makes the air around plants more humid due to the water vapor released. 

2. Biophilic elements reduce stress

As pointed out before, human constructions can induce stress to humans because they are considered artificial by us. Researchers pointed out that design has a stress-relieving effect on the human body. By introducing biophilic elements to your house, you can feel more relaxed. You can apply wood panels, greeneries, running water elements, natural rocks, or any combination. 


The biophilic design comes with many benefits. Start applying that design at home and feel the effects immediately.