Get To Know Finger Joint Laminated Board Products From KLI

Get To Know Finger Joint Laminated Board Products From KLI

October 19, 2022

What is Finger Joint Laminated Board?

Finger Joint Laminated Board is a wooden board that is produced using sophisticated technology that produces boards with finger joining techniques. Yes, the product is a composite wood plank that is used wide or elongated and connected to one another.

Usually this product is used as a material for making hotels, restaurants, cafes, and many other buildings to make it more beautiful and elegant. Of course, it is very suitable for use in dwellings made of wood.

Uniquely, this product from Indonesian Lapis Wood (KLI) can be customized according to consumer needs. This relates to the size of the board that can be connected between one board and another.

Advantages of Finger Joint Laminated Board

1. Easy Size Adjustment

Easily adjustable sizes can meet the needs of consumers to be reckoned with. This is because the products from KLI are in the form of small joints and can be joined between one wooden board and another.

2. Practical and Economical

The next advantage is in terms of price, which is relatively cheap so it tends to be economical for consumers. The ease of installation and the pattern of wood on the board is an added value for this product. The aesthetics of the building is definitely guaranteed because this wood product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Manufactured Through Advanced Technology

Finger Joint Laminated Board is produced through advanced technology using a press machine and special glue so that it adheres perfectly. The modern technology used also makes the connection process classified as precise and strong.

4. Eligible for Various Weather Changes

This product is indeed produced to meet the needs of the consumer market who want an adaptive type of wood. So it is suitable for use in all weather, even when the weather is extreme though. This is because, the texture and appearance do not change in various weather.

5. Beautify the Appearance of the Building

This wooden board is produced with a checkered pattern on the surface following the connection of the boards. The natural feel will be felt if you use the board above as part of the dwelling. The pattern is such that it also makes it easier for you so you don’t need to do repainting.


That is an explanation of the Finger Joint Laminated Board from KLI and some of its advantages. Interested in buying it or need further consultation? Please visit the official website of Kayu Lapis Indonesia.