Get To Know Flexi Plywood: Definition and Advantages

Get To Know Flexi Plywood: Definition and Advantages

November 28, 2022

Flexi Plywood is a form of plywood that is very flexible so that it can be bent or rolled without breaking it. Not only that, this type of plywood can be used for any type of curved contour, without losing strength or stability.

If on ordinary plywood, the grain on each layer of wood will be pressed in a perpendicular direction to make it stiff, not with this type. Yes, in this type of plywood, each wood grain can be directed in the same direction to increase its flexibility.


This type of plywood is the choice of many people. But indeed, people use it according to their needs. Even so, this type of plywood has many advantages. Anything? Here are some of the advantages:

  • Makes the edges of the furniture look smoother and smoother.
  • Allows you to produce various kinds of furniture creations with various concepts.
  • Has a flexible nature.
  • Has good enough durability to survive scratches.
  • How to treat it is quite easy.
  • Easy to glue with other wood materials.
  • Once glued, coated or laminated, this plywood will stay in shape without asking for additional support or structure.
  • It has waterproof properties which make it suitable for being in the kitchen area.

Flexi Plywood from Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Even though it has various advantages as mentioned above, keep in mind that this type of plywood is not constructed for heavy construction. This means that these types tend to be brittle when used to withstand excessive loads. But you don’t need to worry, Kayu Lapis Indonesia provides a wide selection of Flexi Plywood with balanced prices and high quality. Want to know more about products from Kayu Lapis Indonesia? Please visit the official website here.




Flexi Plywood Properties, Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages