Get To Know Various Type of Plywood

Get To Know Various Type of Plywood

February 27, 2023


Plywood or plywood is a wood-based material in the form of panels made of several thin layers of wood. This wood material, glued crosswise at a 90 degree angle, is formed from an odd number of sheets of wood. There are many types of plywood that can be used as home furniture. Of course, each type is tailored to your needs.

5 Types of Plywood


Particle board or so-called modern plywood is a board made of wood, consisting of sawdust, which is compressed by a chemical process at high temperature pressure. This type of plywood appeared in the late 1940s when plywood was hard to find, so this type of wood became the best alternative to plywood.


Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is a type of processed wood that is made from compressed pieces of wood. MDF is sold in planks similar to plywood or panels. These can then be further processed into functional furniture. MDF wood is often processed into home furniture. Some of them are cupboards, tables, drawers, window sills, etc. Most of the MDF wood furniture is sold in parts, so users have to assemble it themselves.


Multiplex Wood

Multi-textured wood consists of several planks of wood pressed together under high pressure. First, the wood was softened by a steam engine. The softened rods are then fed to a lathe, which is cut into sheets or wood panels. The thickness of individual planks of wood can vary, but is usually between 1 and 4 millimeters.


Teakblock wood

A block is characterized by the fact that it is a type of block plate. The presence of teak wood beams reflects that teak wood is a raw material that is widely used in Indonesia. The principle of teak wood block production is the assembly of pressed wood planks. Teakblock is included in the Multitex group, where the outer layer is made of teak and the inner layer is made of softwood. The production of teak wood beams usually consists of wooden beams wrapped in thin wood, namely teak wood. Teak blocks are widely used as a flooring material in flooring and wooden flooring designs.



Blockboard is a type of wood made from small pieces of wood measuring 2.5 cm – 5 cm which are glued together with wood veneer so that they can be reused. Visually, these wooden blocks give a smooth and shiny impression. Even though processed wood is waste, the quality of these wooden blocks is not inferior to whole wood in general. You can use this board as the main material for home decoration which gives a classic, beautiful and aesthetic impression.

Those are the various types of plywood that you can use as home furniture. You can find quality plywood at Kayu Lapis Indonesia. With years of experience, Kayu Lapis Indonesia is able to provide the best products according to your needs.