Here’s the Advantages of Low Carbon Buildings

Here’s the Advantages of Low Carbon Buildings

October 20, 2022

Low-carbon buildings are buildings that are energy efficient in their construction, implementation, and operation. Yes, the building will usually generate its own carbon-free renewable energy. The existence of this building is proven to be able to improve the quality of life of the Indonesian people. Because usually, a building will leave various impacts, such as air pollution, carbon and the greenhouse effect.

Reporting from, Bappenas Director of Environment Medrilzam said that the majority of disasters in Indonesia were related to hydrometeorology. This disaster cannot be separated from the threat of climate change which of course is related to the amount of carbon in the air. If there are more low-carbon buildings, the Indonesian economy could increase by US$ 5.4 trillion. The estimated profit is based on the Low Carbon Development Indonesia (LCDI) report. The report shows that Indonesia can also achieve an average growth of 6% annually until 2045.

Resource: Freepik

The Potential of Low-Carbon Buildings

This building is said to be able to create new jobs that have the characteristics of a green job. This was conveyed by a member of the DPR RI Commission VII as well as a member of the LCDI Commissioner. This means that by owning a low-carbon dwelling, you have contributed to the country and the environment. Not only that, you have even participated in realizing the upcoming 2060 net zero emission.

Here are some of the advantages of this building:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contributing to government programs, namely net zero emission in 2060
  • Potential to add jobs labeled green jobs
  • Take part in advancing the country’s economy through low-carbon development programs

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