How to Live Sustainably in Our Daily Life

How to Live Sustainably in Our Daily Life

November 18, 2021

There is no question that our Mother Earth has provided us with everything we need. Yet, there’s a bitter truth that the global challenges we are facing today continue to pose a threat to her well-being. The great news is that there are still times and various ways to preserve the Earth we live in. One of them is by learning how to live sustainably in our daily life because as some say, every big movement begins with a small action. 

What is Living Sustainably?

According to Conserve Energy Future, sustainable living is the practice of reducing your demand on natural resources by making sure that you replace what you use to the best of your ability. Living sustainably is not only good for the environment, but it also provides a healthier lifestyle and even saves money.  

What’s really important about living sustainably is that we put our efforts in saving the planet for the future generation. It may be true that no matter what we do we cannot escape the current climate crisis, but we can still reduce the damages caused by it. That’s why sustainable living is an essential key to achieving a more sustainable future. 

How to Start Living Sustainably?

We rarely realize that many activities in our everyday life contribute to producing the greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint at a vast amount. To reduce it, there are many solutions we can work on. The simplest thing we can do is to start living sustainably from our home, then out and about. Here are simple ways you can accustom on how to live sustainably in your daily life:

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Plastics often end up in the trash and then accumulate in landfills, or even the ocean. In fact, Indonesia is second only to China as the world’s largest contributor to the ocean plastic problem as stated. As the agent of change, we can minimize the environmental problem by cutting down the plastic use and sorting the objects at home that can and cannot be reduced, reused, and/or recycled.

  • Save Water and Energy

Consuming the least amount of water and energy means we are taking steps to care for the Earth. By living sustainably we also might cut electricity/water cost, which means we save money. Therefore, we can save water by doing a brief shower, installing water-efficient appliances, and making irrigation to the yard/garden. Meanwhile, to save energy we can try installing solar-power, unplugging unused electronic items, and changing the lights to energy-efficient bulbs. 

  • Use Different Mode of Daily Commute

Living sustainably is about reducing the source of natural resources, including choosing to use a more eco-friendly mode of commute. Since fossil fuel is not sustainable, we can mitigate the use of private transportation by using public transportations, cycling, or walking each day. It’s not only good for health but also for the environment. 

  • Purchase Goods and Furniture Made with Wood

Over-harvesting is one of the threats to the forest, and natural resources in the forests are currently lost at an alarming rate due to illegal logging. By buying both products, especially those made with sustainably harvested woods, we can prevent deforestation that comes from such actions. As a wood-based manufacturer, Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) has been committed for more than decades to maintaining the sustainability of nature and society. KLI implements a sustainable forest and ensures to produce highest quality harvested woods that are sustainable.

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