Improving Wellness and Productivity at Public Spaces

Improving Wellness and Productivity at Public Spaces

December 9, 2021

Living in a concrete jungle known as a city can be hard. Small, repeated tasks can be tedious and tiring at times, especially when you are faced with a grey, dull wall in your home and office. Fortunately, nature has a way to improve the wellness and productivity of humans.


Man has the tendency of sticking to nature. We have an innate desire to return to mother nature. This is called biophilia, love of nature. Researchers have stated that nature has many positive impacts on human beings, from relieving stress to curing illness.


Those positive effects are applicable to the place that we live and work in, namely houses and offices. By putting natural elements, such as plants, wood, natural lights, and running water, our wellness and productivity will improve. This incorporation of natural elements into man made spaces is called biophilic architecture. These are the ways in which wood can improve wellness and productivity.


– Using wood in an office/home/public places

According to research by Pollinate, wood has many positive impacts on multiple facets of everyday life. Using wood surfaces in buildings can give benefits to people living and working in it. 


In the research, it is stated that wood increases productivity by 8% and wellness by 13% in work spaces. In hospitals, postoperative rates of recovery increase to 8,5% while pain medication is reduced 22%. Moreover, workers with more wood products in their office have increased work satisfaction.


– Incorporating natural light and plants.

Human’s neurological and psychological aspects are closely tied to nature. Therefore, biophilic elements like natural light and plants are proven to improve wellness and productivity. 


For example, 60 percent of Australian workers spend their time indoors. Those workers who worked indoors with no natural elements had less satisfaction than those with natural elements.


Natural elements also increase people’s concentration when studying and reduce unplanned leave in workers because they become happier with nature in close proximity.


There is no longer doubt that wood and natural elements can improve wellness and productivity. For high quality wood, you can check out Kayu Lapis Indonesia. Kayu Lapis Indonesia provides you with the authentic wood you need to improve your life.