Tips on Maintaining Wood Flooring

Tips on Maintaining Wood Flooring

December 9, 2021

Wood flooring is a delight to have. It makes your house beautiful and has a homey feeling to it.

However, keeping it clean and pristine is not always easy. Just like other types of flooring, wood floors also require care and maintenance, so that they are always clean and can last for decades or more. Fortunately, wood flooring is easy to care for since it’s layered with lacker. 

Since it is an organic material, it needs more care. Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) will share some tips to keep your wood flooring from bad conditions.

1. Keep it clean

This may sound trivial, but keeping your floor clean is the simplest way to keep it in its best condition. 

Sweeping the floor on a daily basis is a good way to start. Even if you keep your shoes off in your house, small dust can still gather and reside inside the gaps of the wood floor, scratching it little by little.

2. Clean it once a week 

Wood flooring is relatively easy to care for. Try to clean the wood flooring using a vacuum cleaner once a week. Extra clean floor will ensure that your wood flooring is in the best condition.

Another way to keep the wood flooring clean is by keeping it dry. Small spills may be seen as a small problem, but it will reduce the quality of your wood flooring if not given attention. Keep the floor clean and the quality of the wood is secured.

Here are four ways you can do to keep your wood flooring clean at all times.

  • Sweeping or vacuuming.

  • Avoiding wet or steam mops.

  • Using a slightly damp cloth to immediately wipe up anything you spill.

  • Using furniture pads to avoid scratches. 

3. Furniture padding to furniture legs to prevent scratches

Scratches on wood flooring are inevitable. But there are ways to minimize them. One way to do that is by using furniture padding on the legs of your furniture (chair, desk, cabinet, etc). The padding will soften the furniture’s legs and will not cause scratching.

4. Use wood floor cleaner monthly (remember to pick the right product: not too harsh) 

Wood floor cleaner is a type of chemical that may help you to clean stains off your wood flooring. Make sure that the wood floor cleaner is not too harsh or it will damage the wood flooring that you love so much.

5. Re-finish in 3-5 years 

Refinishing a wood flooring means applying a layer of finish on top of the floor, thus protecting the floor and making it shiny. You can apply refinishing after some years of installment, especially when your wood flooring shows signs of wear.

Those are some tips to keep wood flooring in good condition. To buy high-quality wood flooring, you can always trust KLI. We only create the best product with the finest quality.

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