Types of Wood Glue

Types of Wood Glue

December 9, 2021

Are you a woodworker, carpenter, or hobbyist? If so, a wood glue must be in your tools of choice. Yes, wood glue is an essential item for everyone who works with wood.

Wood glue has chemicals that let itself bond to wood substance firmly, sometimes quickly. The strength and quickness depends on its composition. 

There are five main types of wood glue. Each type provides different advantages, ranging from curing time, rigidness, and many more. We have compiled them for you in the list below.

Phenol glue

Cyanoacrylate wood glue

Cyanoacrylate wood glue, also known as superglue, is a type of water-like glue that cures or bonds very quickly. This bond creates a very hard and brittle substance.

Since this wood glue cures almost instantly, it should be handled with care. If the glue touches the skin, clean with acetone.

PVA glue

PVA is very popular among woodworkers. This non-toxic, thick wood glue is good for many projects.

When applied, PVA forms a flexible bond that can last for very long. PVA glue can be cleaned by water.

PVA glue can form an initial bond with no time, but a proper bond will only happen after 24 hours. Best results can be achieved by clamping the two wood products together while the glue cures.

Epoxy-based glue

Epoxy-based wood glue uses a dual bonding system: using a resin and a hardener that chemically interact. It is excellent for filling gaps and cracks because of its putty-like consistency.

A very thick glue wood glue, epoxy-based glue’s waterproof nature makes it very popular for external projects.

For the best result, sand the surface of the wood products, then clamp after the epoxy-based glue is applied.

Hide glue

As the name suggests, hide glue is created from the collagen of animal hide. Its bond is flexible and long-lasting.

Other than being organic, hide glue preserves the quality of antique items. It means that antique item repairs are often done by hiding glue.

Polyurethane wood glue

Polyurethane wood glue is a very thick, durable, and robust wood glue. It can cure in a few hours. The resulting bond is strong yet flexible.

Before applying, make the surface wet to get the desired result.

After reading this article, we hope that you can pick the best wood glue for your needs. Kayu Lapis Indonesia uses only the best glue for our products. We use high quality glue to deliver the best product to you.