Understanding Sliding Panel

Understanding Sliding Panel

December 9, 2021

A door is a very important part of a building. It may sound trivial, but the choice of doors can affect the physical and mental properties of people inhabiting a building. One type of door that can be your choice is the sliding panel.

Sliding panel is a type of panel or door that opens up by sliding horizontally, not by swinging it inside/outside. Sliding panels can have up to 8 frames in an arrangement with minimum space usage.

It is equipped with tracks so that the panels can slide. The weight is suspended on the track above the door, making the weight very manageable for sliding. A sliding panel is easily more maneuverable than a swinging door.

Glass is often used as a main material for sliding panels. This usually means you can see outside of the panel. Although it is good to have transparent sliding panels that connect people to the outside, glass comes with some disadvantages.

Glass is a good conductor, so heat may come and go easily. This is an important thing to consider when deciding to put sliding panels in your building, especially external sliding panels. 

To regulate temperature better, pick sliding panels with timber frames due to their low conductivity.

The usage of glass also concerns durability. Glass can easily be broken, so make sure that you are not placing the sliding panel in the vicinity of something that you want to hide or protect.

Sliding doors with glass also have to be marked with a different color than its surrounding or any other marker. For unfamiliar people, glass sliding doors may be unseen and treated as if nothing is there. Therefore, marking sliding doors is very important to protect them from being broken accidentally.

Advantages of Wood Sliding Panel

1. Taking minimum spaces

Sliding panel is a very space-efficient type of door. The sliding nature of it ensures that it only takes minimum space, both when closed and open.

Compared to a swinging door, a sliding panel takes much less space because it does not need to swing. Sliding panel is a very good choice for buildings with less space.

2. Good for the elderly and people with disabilities

Sliding panel can be very easy to open. It is lightweight and needs no space for opening. This is very advantageous for the elderly and people with disabilities. 

The weight eases them to open the panel and minimum space usage ensures that they do not need to move an inch more to exit or enter the building.

3. Natural lighting and open view

Since often sliding panels use transparent glass, outside view can be seen very clearly and sunlight can enter the building.

Natural light is good for the human body. It is responsible for helping humans synthesize vitamin D. With a sliding panel, the daily need for sunlight can be fulfilled, given that the panel faces the sun’s direction.

The existence of natural light also can save energy for the building. Lamp usage and room heater usage can be minimized, as the sun provides both light and heat.

More than natural lighting, sliding panels also offer open views. The ability to look outside the building with the sliding panel gives a feeling of openness. This is important, especially for office buildings, because workers usually feel stressed within a confined, walls-only building.

Sliding panels need frames to operate. Wood from Kayu Lapis Indonesia is a pioneer in Indonesia with high quality and safety. Our woods are up for any task, light or heavy. We do this with love and dedication because your satisfaction is our happiness.

Decorative Plywood Sliding Panel will give an elegant design & color to any exterior or interior wall. Produced in the form of: 

  • Unfinished (Raw): Fine standard (smooth surface) without coating; suitable to match the coloring on site. 

  • Prefinished (Already coated): Ready to be applied and installed with five standard colors. 

The material is waterproof, sun-resistant (UV), not easy to mold, and resistant to termite/insect attack. With good regular maintenance, it’s also resistant to rainwater (Prefinished / Coating) and Indonesian weather. 

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