What is Sustainable Forest Management?

What is Sustainable Forest Management?

December 9, 2021

Deforestation is a major danger to our environment. With forest destruction, comes the ecosystem instability that can affect the world in the long term. Sustainably managed forest is the key for a better future.

Sustainably managed forest is a type of forest that is managed using the principle of sustainability. Sustainable forest management is a balanced approach towards social, environmental, and economic needs for now and the future. 

Sustainably managed forest is beneficial in many aspects. It gives people a chance for occupation while still conserving the forest for the future.

Sustainability entails many things. In the environmental aspect, management and preservation of the forest is the urgency. There has to be a balance between wood production and environmental protection to keep the forest from being destroyed.

As different forests have different species of trees, their management has to differ from each other. Not only regarding the trees, but also the whole ecosystem. Correct treatment will ensure long term survival of life within the forest.

Social needs entail the fulfilled rights of the people living in it and benefits from it. It states that indigenous peoples and local communities’ rights have to be fulfilled. Forest workers’ needs have to be protected. Local sites should be fully protected and preserved.

Economic needs entail the capability of the forest to support the economic needs of those managing it. Funds are needed to preserve the forest, whether to plant new seeds, fertilize saplings, or to pay for people who take care of the forest. The economic benefit should not be in sacrifice of the forest itself.

Forest certification is the proof that the forest is managed sustainably. It is how wood from certified forests is tracked.

Certification such as FSC®️ and SVLK is beneficial to both the forest and the parties managing it. For the forest, the certification ensures that the owner of the forest has to sustainably maintain the ecosystem of the forest. 

For forest management, certification is proof of credibility. Wood manufacturers with forest certificates are more trusted and more likely to enter a bigger, more profitable market.

Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to sustainably managed forest. As of now, Kayu Lapis Indonesia has certificates from FSC®️ and SVLK, proving that seriousness to a better world.