Open Door - Alam Sutera


Grain and Green

Project Scope

Prefabricated Building

Project Materials


Project Date

September - October 2021

Project Designer

Jeffrey Budiman

Project Manufacturer

Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Buranchi is a newly completed sustainable cafe in Open Door, Alam Sutera, that introduces the first-ever farm-to-table resaturant concept. The architect, Jeffrey Budiman, and Kayu Lapis Indonesia brought in the idea of a sustainable casual and formal dining scheme wrapped in harmonious engineered wood material that act as the protagonist role, juxtaposed against the cafe’s concepts. Through this cafe, both architect and Kayu Lapis Indonesia intend to send a powerful message through the choice of material, choice of construction technique, and the choice of processes and thought that went inside the making of Buranchi.


Buranchi Cafe gives the impression of a warm, comfortable, and purposeful design scheme derived from the impromptu greeneries that intertwine with the materiality of wood. Together, they bring to life a dreamlike back-to-nature atmosphere with great exposure to the outdoor sceneries, such a view that is still rare to find in the hustle-bustle city of Tangerang.


What is brilliant about this cafe is that the building construction process took only eight weeks to complete. All have been divided into three building processes that includes only 3 days to build the main structure, less than a week for the shaft floor and ceiling, and 5 days for finishing touches of the indoor and outdoor construction. All this is done and facilitated by Kayu Lapis Indonesia using FSC®️ Certified quality wood.


The whole design process highlights the most genuine level of sustainability as it leaves no waste, no adjustment on site, and also zero sound pollution. The builders did not use heavy-duty tools during the whole process, other than the fact that the cafe was built during the Covid-19 pandemic, which required extra health and safety protocols.

As the concept of farm-to-table dining is still considered new in Indonesia, the movement takes hold globally and brings together a technology-enabled revolution that perhaps could fundamentally change the way cafes and restaurants source fresh produce. Buranchi Cafe will include smart management of resources by promoting short-growing-cycle produce that will set the example for F&B owners in the long term and support the local economy.


With such a combination of green elements, a considerate design process, and wisely chosen material, Buranchi Cafe offers an unexplainable natural brightness that is highlighted inside and outside the building. With lightweight, modern, and innovative layers of the design structure, each level of the building portrays a commitment to creating a sustainable Earth that is easy to digest by many. Colors from different objects, decorations, and furniture pieces are combined to enhance a coherent visualization.


The attention to wood as a building material has been increasing, since it is a natural material that has been proven to have both physical and psychological benefits to humans.


Kayu Lapis Indonesia will soon, at Open Door, reveal another space where we can experience the rawness of wood; a space where we can pay an homage to mother nature; and a space where we can be honest with ourselves. It is a space that will be called Honestree.


About Open Door Alam Sutera

Open Door is a newly established design and lifestyle center in the heart of Alam Sutera, Tangerang, that provides public spaces to embrace the possibilities of harmonious living among the green and sustainable ecosystem. The place gives younger entrepreneurs a chance to co-create, grow, and thrive in this creative economy