Laswee Creative Space - Bandung



Project Scope

Prefabricated Building

Project Materials


Project Date

October - November 2021

Project Designer


Project Manufacturer

PT. Kayu Lapis Indonesia

Introducing Microlibrary MoKa, a new collaborative project from PT. Kayu Lapis Indonesia and SHAU Architects. 


Microlibrary MoKa is an affordable, prefabricated, and modular timber system which can be combined into several configurations. The structure’s modularity offers so many possibilities, making it a budget-friendly solution for local governments and CSR programs. 


The project draws inspiration from our previous Microlibrary Warak Kayu project. Taking every possibility into considerations, we along with SHAU Architects came together to develop a new prototype which kicked the MoKa project into full motion in October 2021.


The project covers a single-level building covering the need of most of the potential clients who want to have a high-quality but low-cost product, using FSC®️ certified timber products and making it prefabricated to ensure quality with reduced on-site construction work and assembly time and modularity in form of a construction system to again reduce costs but also be able to flexibly react to clients’ needs without having to design a library all over again.