4 Barn Door Design Ideas

4 Barn Door Design Ideas

February 24, 2023

Barn door, often found in rustic style houses and farmhouses. In fact, this door is found in barns or stables on farms in American and European countries, hence the name barn door. But now, the barn door design has inspired designers and architects to apply this door design in residential areas.

Barn door types are usually installed anywhere in the house, especially rooms or bathrooms. Barn doors are usually sliding doors made of wood or aluminum which are hung on the wall. The barn door will hang neatly on the wall and slide right or left to open or close it.

Four Design of Barn Door

Barn door designs are widely loved because they can easily transform a space and add a lot of character to it. With its simple style, this door can be used as a strong and distinctive design element to add a rustic and classic feel to your home.


1. Painted Barn Door

Effect Artsy will appear on the column when you add Painted Barn Door in your room. The door needs to be painted with bright and bright colors that reflect modernity.


2. Glass Sliding 

Made of glass, Glass Sliding Barn Door can be priced at prices ranging from 1 to 1.5 million rupiah. The effect caused by the glass material makes it look minimalist. Therefore, Glass Sliding Barn Door will be very suitable for you fans of minimalist interior design.


3. Industrial Themed 

Industrial Themed Barn Door has a wood base material with the addition of iron ornaments to create an industrial impression. Besides that,Industrial Themed Barn Door Comes with a dark color variant that gives an elegant impression.


4. Blurry Glass 

Blurry Glass Barn Door has a glass base material that is made opaque and layered, giving rise to a classic modern atmosphere.


Those are various barn door design ideas that can be applied to your residence. Of course, only quality wood can make this type of door look more attractive. You can find a variety of quality wood at Kayu Lapis Indonesia.