A Danger to Health: The Impacts of Low Quality Wood

A Danger to Health: The Impacts of Low Quality Wood

December 9, 2021

Wood is, according to research, a material that has a positive impact on the human body. However, this may not be the case for low quality wood. Instead of boosting wellness, low quality wood negatively affects human bodies.

Low quality woods and low quality wood products can be toxic to the human body because they emit more harmful substances to the air. The substance then can be inhaled and harm human bodies.

The discomfort that low emission wood causes varies usually according to the species of wood. Some wood causes skin irritation, while others cause respiratory and mucosal irritation.

The effect of low quality wood may not be visible, but it is a real, present danger that has to be mitigated if possible. Long-term exposure to the harmful substance in wood can cause lasting damage, especially to children and newborns. The problems of low quality wood is not a matter to be trifled with. 

The well-being of many people depends on the quality of wood that is being used. Low quality wood harms consumers and workers alike. Consumers can sometimes be unaware of the quality of the wood product they buy. This can cause unintentional harm to the consumer and their family or colleague in the wood product’s vicinity.

Wood workers are in the same, or even greater, danger. Daily exposure to low quality wood can prove to be harmful to them. Because they process wood, the residue can be even more dangerous to their health, such as sawdust and wood chips.

Kayu Lapis Indonesia commits to only using low emission wood with high quality to ensure both consumers’ and workers’ safety and wellbeing.