Exploring the Types of Wood in Indonesia

Exploring the Types of Wood in Indonesia

November 10, 2021

Indonesia is known to have a vast area of forests, rich with thousands of wood types. Throughout times, Indonesian manufacturers and craftsmen have used these local woods to create a wide range of products and materials. Each type of wood, however, has distinct characteristics which can be more suitable for certain products. To explore more on this particular topic, below are some types of wood in Indonesia that are commonly utilized.

  1. Meranti Wood

The wood name of meranti is Philippine Mahogany, and it is frequently found in the Southeast Asian region. Since meranti can grow very well in most regions in Indonesia, especially Kalimantan, this wood is also often called as Kalimantan wood. 

Meranti has few color variations, such as light red, dark red, white, and yellow meranti. Although it is generally classified as a hardwood, meranti has unique features which actually make it easy to work with. Knowing its characteristics, meranti is commonly used as plywood, interior furniture, construction, veneer, and window/door trim. 

  1. Teak Wood

Essentially, teak is a native plant from Burma. However, these days, teak can be easily found in Indonesia as it has been commonly used. The reason teak grows well here is because Indonesia has tropical temperatures and calcareous soil. Teak can be often found in Java Island, and its popularity helps Jepara and Blora become known as one of the high-quality Teak producers in the world.

Many say that teak wood is the best material for making furniture. Beyond its beautiful color between brown and gold, teak is also known to have strong, dense, and termite resistance characteristics. This is why the furniture made from this wood is among the most expensive ones.  In addition, Teak is also commonly used as exterior construction, carving, and veneer.

  1. Mahogany Wood

Due to its tropical climate, there’s no question that many trees can grow and thrive in Indonesia, including mahogany. Among its many types, Toona Sureni is the type of mahogany often used by local people as it’s native to Indonesia. Mahogany is usually red-colored, but the longer it gets, the darker it becomes. 

Mahogany has a favorable characteristic that many manufacturers and craftsmen use for making furniture, boats, and crafting wood-objects. Besides its strength and durability, mahogany is also easily painted since the natural oil content in it is low.  

Although Indonesia is rich with wood and the fact that it is a renewable resource, we must not take wood for granted. Thus, as a part of our commitment toward nature, Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) goes to great length to guarantee the verification and certification of the sources. As global awareness toward illegal logging and wood trade rises, our wood production has all the legality and traceability documents to ensure responsible sourcing and compliance regulation. As a result, it’s possible for you to trace the source of KLI’s wood products.  

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