The Easy Way To Implement A Biophilic Design In Your Room

The Easy Way To Implement A Biophilic Design In Your Room

June 16, 2023

Biophilic design is an increasingly popular approach in interior design that aims to create a human connection with nature through the use of natural elements and inspiration from nature in spaces.

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Through maximum natural light, selection of natural materials, use of indoor plants, artificial natural scenery, natural sound elements, vertical green spaces, touches of natural textures, and collaboration of natural colors, you can create an environment in harmony with nature in your room.


Easy Steps to Apply Biophilic Design

Natural light is a vital source of energy for life on Earth. maximize use of natural light by opening blinds or curtains on your windows. If possible, add large windows or skylights to increase natural light. Natural light provides a feeling of warmth and connection with nature that is irreplaceable.


The choice of indoor materials is very important in creating a natural atmosphere. Use natural materials such as wood, stone or plants in your interior design. For example, natural wood floors or unpainted brick walls give your room an organic touch. Choose furniture with natural materials, such as rattan or bamboo, to enhance the natural feel.


1. Add a little touch with live plants

Indoor plants are the easiest biophilic element to implement. Add greenery to your room for a fresh and refreshing effect. Choose plants that match the light conditions in your room and place them on multiple levels, such as tables, shelves, or wall hangings. Plants add color and life to your space and improve air quality.


2. Texture and color also need attention

In addition to paying attention to visuals and sound, pay attention to the textures in your room. Use natural textures in the selection of furniture and accessories. Choose furniture with a rough surface or textiles made from natural fibers such as linen or cotton. The touch of natural texture provides a real sensory experience and enhances the biophilic feel.


Color has a great influence in creating atmosphere and connection with nature. Take inspiration from nature’s color palettes such as earth tones, leaves, or skies. Use these colors in wall paint, furniture, and accessories for your room. The natural color collaboration provides balance and harmony with biophilic designs.


Applying biophilic design to your space is an important step towards creating a harmonious environment with nature. Through these easy steps, you can create a space that is calming, refreshing, and enhances your connection to nature. By paying attention to our need for nature, we can create spaces that support our well-being and creativity in our daily lives.


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