Use of Wood Materials as a Material for Making Home Facade

Use of Wood Materials as a Material for Making Home Facade

December 26, 2022

Issues related to the environment and nature make the home facade made of wood a trend in itself. There are so many references to wooden facades that you can find on the internet. The facade made of wood produces an elegant and natural impression, so it can add aesthetic value. In addition, wood material is classified as environmentally friendly and easy to apply. The ease of application of wood materials makes it superior in terms of time efficiency.

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Home Facade Material Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for using wood materials in the facade of the house that you can apply:

  • Home facade from Concrete Wood

Concrete wood is classified as environmentally friendly because it is made of cellulose fiber which is easy to recycle. In addition, it is also sturdy and its resistance to water is quite strong. Based on its name, it can be concluded that it is made from a mixture of cement and recycled fibers that are environmentally friendly.

  • Modified Clay Material

Modified clay material has more flexible and lighter properties, it also doesn’t need to be repainted because it has many choices of colors and textures. Uniquely this wood also has resistance to water and fire. modified clay material is suitable for those of you who like practicality in installation.

  • Wood Plastic Composite

If you need a wood material that is highly resistant to extreme weather, then wood plastic composite can be the answer. Its fairly easy maintenance and anti-smudge make it applicable anywhere.

  • Husk Plastic Composite

It can be said that husk plastic composite is an adaptation of the concept of preserving the earth. This is because the manufacturing materials use processed plastic waste such as husks, recycled plastic, and composites.


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