What is WBP Plywood? And what are the advantages?

What is WBP Plywood? And what are the advantages?

March 21, 2023

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Plywood or plywood is processed wood made from prefabricated boards consisting of several layers of wood using gluing and high pressure pressing. By using plywood as a substitute for solid wood, you can save on production or labor costs. There are various types of plywood, one of which is WBP plywood.

WBP Plywood (Weather and Boil Proof Plywood) is a waterproof plywood suitable for exterior and interior use, often exposed to damp and wet conditions. To check the quality of the bond strength, the plywood pieces were boiled and dried for 8 hours. After that, the adhesive strength of the plywood was tested as a QC method.

Advantages of WBP Plywood

WBP stands for “boiled waterproof” or “boil-resistant” which means weather-resistant, resistant to boiling or steam-treated. When plywood is coated with WBP glue, it can be used outside for a long time (even permanently) with weather, water and moisture properties. Like MR glue, WBP glue is not a specific glue name. WBP is a property of a certain type of glue. If the glue is weather-resistant and water-resistant, it can be called WBP glue.


There are two types of WBP glue, melamine glue and phenolic glue. In general, ordinary melamine plywood can be stored in boiling water for approximately 4 hours. Good melamine plywood will last more than 10 hours or even 20 hours in boiling water. Ordinary phenolic plywood can be stored in boiling water for about 24-72 hours. The best phenolic glues are permanent glues which are very difficult to dissolve in boiling water.


Generally Wbp glue is used for outdoor plywood, such as: Marine plywood, membrane plywood, structural plywood, poster board plywood, etc. However, WBP can also be used for interior plywood, such as furniture plywood, kitchen plywood, floor plywood which requires high quality heat and weather resistant plywood.


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