Wood Improves Wellness, A Study Affirms

Wood Improves Wellness, A Study Affirms

December 9, 2021

Wood is a unique building material. It is organic, flexible, yet strong. Moreover, wood has a contribution to human health. Research has shown much evidence that wood promotes wellbeing.

A whitepaper from Stora Enso Wood Product claims that wood products can reduce stress and boost productivity. This can be seen from the lower heart rate recorded when the test subject is inside a room with wood surfaces.

Wood also promotes wellbeing in the sense that it prevents the propagation of viruses. A test using COVID-19 virus showed that the virus only lasts on wood surfaces for 12 hours. Other materials, such as plastic, glass, and stainless steel, have COVID-19 virus on their surface for 96 hours.

Wood is also considered promoting wellbeing because it keeps the humidity of a room at an ideal rate (40-70%) for a long time.

On the other hand, Pollinate and University of Canberra tested 1000 Australian workers to prove how much wood can influence wellbeing.

In the study, researchers found the fact that Australian workers have only enjoyed 47% natural light and 38% view of natural plants.

More look at the numbers and we can see that 26% of the workers have small access to natural wooden surfaces and 46% of them spend only an hour outside on work days.

According to this study, more wooden surface seen correlates to more work satisfaction. More satisfied workers lend to their wellbeing. A healthy worker will bring higher productivity to the whole workforce.

It is reported in the study that workers treated with wood surfaces showed higher productivity, mood, concentration, clarity, confidence, and optimism. 

82 percent of workers seeing 8 or more wooden surfaces report satisfaction. These satisfaction effects are maximized when combined with other natural elements, such as sunlight and natural plants.

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