Dago - Bandung



Project Scope

Prefabricated Building

Project Designer


Project Manufacturer

Kayu Lapis Indonesia

The AAND Sayana, one of the two main modular spaces at the ‘Backyaard Collective’ in Bandung, Indonesia, is a prefabricated cabin used as a laboratory hub and as an extension of office functions. Initially an unoccupied warehouse of Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s carpentry workshop, it now celebrates creative community activities in a modular environment and becomes the yard of Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture’s office. 

Fully assembled within 3 weeks, the building components were made in Kendal, Indonesia, but later gathered in the site for assembly. The construction did not involve any heavy equipment, and therefore, it could occur anywhere from a narrow alley of the city center, to the middle of a pine forest. 

The wall is made of CLT or cross laminated timber, an engineered wood panel in which the material acts as a structural or load-bearing wall. The structural timber was made of certified neolamarckia cadamba, local fast-growing trees commonly used for building materials. In terms of strength, the CLT panels were factory-made that has been calculated, tested and I finally labelled as an earthquake-resistant structure. 

This particular project is hoped to foster a faster development in remote areas, especially East Indonesia, with a focus on high-quality standardized prefabricated local materials, while keeping the environment at its natural beauty.